2017 Board of Directors

Allison Horak, PresidentMichele Mariscal, Past PresidentSarah Crawford, Co-Director of ProgramsDavid Stoffel, Co-Director of Programs


Todd Greider, Director of Marketing


Alex Read, Director of Special Events

Lisa Blutman, Director of Finance

President – Allison Horak

As your ATD Sacramento Chapter President, Allison brings a wealth of experience as a talent development professional.  She is passionate about developing skills in others and giving her time to support the growth and creating awareness for ATD in the Sacramento community.  Allison is also a long-standing member of the local chapter as well as ATD National Member.  If you are interested in future board positions or volunteer opportunities, feel free to reach out to her.

Past-President  2016 – Michele Mariscal, CPLP

Michele is an enthusiastic learning and development professional that has the ability to light up a room.  She brings a unique spirit and energy to the board and chapter members.  Michele currently supports member outreach initiatives and member engagement.  As an ATD National member and CPLP credential holder, she is a valued member of our Board of Directors.  

Co-Director of Programs – Sarah Crawford

Sarah is a long-standing member of ATD National and ATD Sacramento.  Over the past two years as an active Board Member, she has helped bring ideas to fruition through her relentless pursuit to deliver quality events for our members and non-member participants.  If you have been to one of our events recently, you know the quality of her work and the energy that she brings to the room.  

Co-Director of Programs – David Stoffel

As a new member of the ATD Sacramento Board for 2017, David quickly stepped up and works side-by-side with Sarah to deliver relevant, engaging and timely events for our member and non-member participants.  He is a polished learning and development professional and a great addition to this year’s Board of Directors.

Director of Membership – Casey Field

Casey is an enthusiastic executive coach and trainer who is passionate about helping people accomplish their goals, and develop their own authentic leadership style. As the Director of Membership, he is excited to connect with current and future members of ATD.  His goal is to help make the Sacramento ATD chapter the most member centric chapter in California.  Connect with him on Linkedin to see how you can help!

Director of Marketing – Todd Greider, CPLP

Todd is a devout learner and passionate about helping professionals at all levels realize their full potential.  He has been a member of the Board for almost 3 years and focuses on our marketing and communication efforts as well as building strategic partnerships/sponsorships in the community.  Todd is also a CPLP credential holder and long-standing ATD National Member.

Director of Communications - Pi Wen Looi, PhD.

Pi Wen is passionate about employee learning and communications. As the Director of Communications she works closely with all Board members to engage our community via various communication channels. She has served in a similar role at the ATD Golden Gate Chapter for 4 years. She enjoys hiking, taking photos, and people watching. 

Director of Special Events – Alex Read

Alex is truly an asset to the Board and our members.  He has served in a variety of roles on the board over the years including Chapter President.  His insights and guidance continue to bring clarity and drive the chapter forward.  In his current role, he focuses on Special Events and works closely with all members of the board.  

Director of Finance – Lisa Blutman

Lisa is a crucial member of the chapter to ensure financial stability and works diligently to ensure that all of the chapter’s finances are in order.  She is a long-standing member of the Sacramento ATD Chapter and regularly offers her time to give back to the community and ensures that chapter funds are used in a manner that best serves our members and in support of our mission.

Association Positions:

Communications Associate - Nicole Sheley

Marketing Associate - Michael Freedman

Vacant Position(s):

  • Special Events Committee Volunteers
  • ...and more!

If you are interested in volunteering with ATD Sacramento or serving on the Board of Directors, please email us mail@astdsac.org.

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