2018 Board of Directors



Alex Read, Director of Special Events

President – Sarah Crawford

As your ATD Sacramento Chapter President, Sarah brings a wealth of experience as a talent development professional in the public, private, and non-profit sector in the Sacramento Area. She is relentless in her pursuit for high quality training and professional development opportunities and passionate about supporting the growth of our ATD Sacramento community members. Sarah is a long-standing, proud member of both local and national ATD. If you are interested in future board positions or volunteer opportunities, feel free to reach out to her.


Past-President  2017 – Allison Horak

Allison Horak is a talent development professional and works throughout the state with government agencies and private industry clients. As Past President, Allison brings her experience from two previous years on the board to support and advise this year’s board. Her primary focus for her position this year is to support Sarah Crawford as President and work on chapter documentation, risk management, and succession planning.


Director of Programs – Rosalind Sago

My personal mission includes helping others to reach their full potential by learning, growing, and taking action.  ATD will allow me the opportunity to further that mission by collaborating with a team to provide ATD members with programs that will appeal to the diverse needs of the membership, allow members to immediately apply techniques learn for increased (personal and professional) productivity, address current and future trends in our industry that can be adapted for a wide variety of practical applications in the workplace.

Director of Membership & Strategic Partnerships – Casey Field

Casey is an enthusiastic executive coach and trainer who is passionate about helping people accomplish their goals, and develop their own authentic leadership style. As the Director of Membership, his focus of making the ATD Sacramento Chapter the most member centric in the Western States is clear and will continue into 2018. Other plans include a focused Veterans inclusion initiative and showcasing member contributions to highlight the positive impact our Members are making in the Sacramento region. Connect with him on LinkedIn to see how you can help!

Director of Marketing & Communications - Wendy Brodnick

Wendy is passionate about supporting learning communities and brings her experience to help others create meaningful connections through ensuring members know about high quality training events, professional development offerings. Wendy’s been a national ATD Community member since 1999 and Sacramento ATD Community member on and off since 2001.  As the Director of Marketing and Communications she works closely with all Board members to engage our community via various communication channels. Wendy is looking for the right person to fill a volunteer position of Communications Associate; please email if interested!


Director of Special Events – Alex Read

Alex is truly an asset to the Board and our members.  He has served in a variety of roles on the board over the years including Chapter President.  His insights and guidance continue to bring clarity and drive the chapter forward.  In his current role, he focuses on Special Events and works closely with all members of the board.  

Director of Finance – Kimberly Geil

Kim is the founder of Coaching Heights and is working on a book about the history of Exum Mountain Guides, a climbing school in Grand Teton National Park. Her goals as Director of Finance include: continuing to modernize how ATD Sacramento tracks and organizes its finances; finding ways to access and analyze financial data that will help in decision-making; and keeping the chapter in compliance and on solid financial footing.

Association Positions:

Katherine Adraktas - Programs Associate

Kori Czanojic - Programs Associate OD SIG

Steven Holt - Programs Associate

Jason Holmes - Membership Associate

Vacant Position(s):

  • Communications Associate 
  • Special Events Committee Volunteers
  • ...and more!

If you are interested in volunteering with ATD Sacramento or serving on the Board of Directors, please email us mail@astdsac.org.

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